Established in order to specify to travelers the conditions under which they are welcomed in the lodgings of the Gentilhommière, 2483 route des Deux Vallées in 24150 BOURNIQUEL.

Article 1 – Welcome

It is with great pleasure that your host, who manages the lodgings, will welcome you in this area and will do everything possible to ensure that your stay takes place in the best conditions.

Travelers will be personally welcomed and directed to the rented gîte; all the necessary explanations will be given when the keys are handed over and your host will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.

The host will be at the disposal of the traveler, throughout the duration of the stay, to advise him on activities, visits, restaurants in the surroundings. Do not hesitate to contact him directly on his mobile.

Article 2 – Description and composition of the rented gîte

The description of the gîte is made via social networks and the digital medium in which it has been identified and chosen by travelers. The host is at your disposal to send you photos and additional explanations if necessary.

Each cottage is equipped with all the crockery and kitchen utensils necessary for the number of travelers expected (refrigerator, oven, microwave, electric coffee maker, toaster), a few condiments (salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, sugar, coffee and tea) as well as tea towels and sponges, absorbent paper and transparent film.

In case of specific need (eg mixer, dishwasher, barbecue etc.), your host will provide the necessary equipment that a traveler may need.

A portable air conditioner equips each cottage.

The barbecue, made available, may not, under any circumstances, be used on the wooden terraces of the gîtes in order to avoid any risk of degradation. Barbecue cooking will take place in the garden.

The cottages are equipped with hair dryer, bath and pool towels as well as shower gel and shampoo.

The common laundry, with washing machine, ironing board and iron, dryer, is located on the ground floor of the building. The traveler has access to it, at any time, from the back of the building.

Article 3 – Use of the swimming pool

The 8m X 4m swimming pool is not supervised so that its use is under the sole responsibility of the traveler.

It is shared between the different gîtes.

It is a swimming pool with a roof, it is open on sunny days.

Closing the roof in case of bad weather allows travelers to take advantage of this facility.

For safety and hygiene reasons, it is not possible to have meals in the swimming pool and to go there with glasses.

Travelers are asked not to leave their towels near the swimming pool in their absence and to close the door leading to the gym (due to a humidity problem).

Article 4 – Use of the gym and sauna

The use of gym equipment is the sole responsibility of travelers. If necessary, the host is at your disposal for any explanation of use.

The sauna is only operated on request.

It is requested to use, inside the sauna, the towels provided to protect the seats.

Article 5 – Hygiene and cleanliness

Seat protectors are available for the interior seats and the cushions of the deckchairs. Travelers are kindly requested to use them. These protections are washed after each rental to ensure perfect hygiene.

Deckchair cushions and cushion protectors must be put away after dark to avoid damage.

Article 6 – Cigarettes, cigars and vaporettes

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the gîtes and in the common areas.

An ashtray is at your disposal so that you can smoke in peace on your private terrace.

Article 7 – Our animal friends

Our animal friends are not accepted in the domain with the exception of small dogs under 10 kg. The cottages are not suitable for other animals.

Travelers must notify the host upon booking if they wish to bring their dog.

Dogs must not have access to common facilities and areas.

Travelers must ensure that they do not disturb the serenity and tranquility of other occupants. In particular, they must not be left alone in the cottage in the absence of their masters in order to avoid barking.

Dejections made in the property must be picked up immediately.

Article 8 – Duration of stay

The lodging is made available during the agreed period which is fixed term.

The estate is open during the summer period for the studios and during the winter period for the cottage.

The traveler may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay. Any renewal of the period of stay will be subject to a new agreement between the parties for a specific short period.

Article 9 – Reservation

The reservation becomes firm when the deposit of 30% of the total price of the stay is paid.

Article 10 – Payment of the balance

The traveler must pay the host the balance of the agreed service and remaining due, and this one month before the start of the stay.

The traveler who has not paid the balance on the agreed date is considered to have canceled his stay and/or any additional services. If after a follow-up by email or SMS made by the host, the balance of the rental is not paid, the service is again offered for sale and no refund of the deposit will be made.

Article 11 – Reservation made less than 30 days before the start of the stay

In case of reservation less than 30 days before the start of the stay, the full payment is required.

Article 12 – Arrival and departure

Arrivals are from 3 p.m. on the agreed day.

For organizational problems, travelers are asked to specify their approximate time of arrival.

Keys are handed over no later than 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

Article 13 – Cancellation by the traveler

Any cancellation must be express and specified to the host by email to the address alice@lesquatreperigords.com. The traveler must ensure the correct transmission of the information by receiving an acknowledgment of receipt issued by the host.

The traveler will be reimbursed under the following conditions:

  • cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the stay: full refund
  • cancellation between the 29th day and the 15th day before the start of the stay: 30% of the price of the stay will be retained.
  • cancellation between 14 th and the beginning of the stay: 60% of the price of the stay will be retained.

In case of no-show of the client, no refund will be made.

Article 14 – Modification of a substantial element by the host

If the host is unable to rent the reserved accommodation (in the event of a disaster, for example), he undertakes to seek accommodation equivalent to the traveler.

Thus, when before the scheduled start date of the stay, the host is forced to make a modification to one of the essential elements of the contract, the traveler may, and after having been informed:

– either terminate his contract and obtain, without penalty, the immediate reimbursement of the sums paid

– or accept the modification or substitution of the place of stay proposed by the host without being able to request a penalty.

As the manor house has 3 studios with identical characteristics, the substitution of one studio for another cannot be considered as the modification of a substantial element of the contract.

Article 15- Cancellation by the host

When before the start of the stay, the host is forced to cancel the stay, he will immediately inform the traveler.

The traveler will be reimbursed for the sums paid. He will also receive compensation equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation had been made by him on that date.

However, if the host offers a substitute stay equivalent to that reserved, these provisions do not apply.

Article 16 – Capacity

The rental of the cottages is established for a maximum capacity of people. The maximum capacity for the cottages, Le Périgord blanc , Le Périgord vert and Le Périgord noir is 2 people, and 4 people for the cottage Le Périgord pourpre .

The traveler will not be able, except with the express agreement of the host, to invite people to access the property.

If the number of guests exceeds the capacity, the host will refuse additional guests.

Any termination of the contract as a result will be considered at the initiative of the traveler.

Article 17 – Insurance – responsibilities

The traveler is liable for damages caused by him.

He must check before the stay that he is insured for damage caused on a holiday resort, (check in the main home insurance or take out a specific insurance contract).

In the event of damage, he undertakes to file a claim with his insurance company and/or to take direct responsibility for the damage caused.

Article 18 – Inventory

There is no inventory of fixtures at the start of the stay, the host agreeing to ensure that all the equipment is in perfect working order. The accommodation is delivered cleaned and equipped.

A list of equipment fitted to the accommodation is hung in the accommodation.

The traveler must report any malfunction or breakage occurring during the stay and report any failure in the equipment made available. Any complaint relating to the inventory and the condition of the descriptions during a rental must be submitted to the host within 2 days of entering the premises.

The traveler is required to enjoy the rented property as a good father.

The cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the holidaymaker during the rental period.

The exit cleaning is included in the rental price, it being specified that the cleaning and the putting back of the dishes is the responsibility of the traveler before his departure.

Article 19 – Payment of additional charges,

Before leaving, the traveler must pay the host for the additional services he has requested.